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To all you Wow players out there… I think that you should send me your battletag if your down to play sometime (: always looking for new friends in the land of Azeroth ;) 

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Someone.. anyone.. Play some wow with me please?? :o I’m so bored. 

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Maybe things don’t happen for a reason. Maybe we’re just grasping for ways to make sense of the chaos around us. Maybe we’re giving meaning to things that have no meaning. Maybe we’re clinging to hope so hard that we forget about reality. What if we’re wrong and nothing is meant to be? We’re just lost souls wandering endlessly, desperately seeking comfort from the notion that things will work out in the end no matter what. What if we’ve tricked ourselves into believing that everything will be okay in the end just so we don’t have to face the reality that maybe it wont?

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